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Elon Musk’s NEW A.I. Project “Will Be Bigger Than Tesla”

One of Silicon Valley's legendary investors traveled all the way to Elon Musk's Tesla Gigafactory to discover his next huge AI project.

Something he's calling Elon's "A.I. 2.0."

And Elon's very own words... "[A.I. 2.0] will be even bigger than Tesla."

If you position yourself correct now, before Elon makes the official public announcement... You could set yourself up to achieve generational wealth.

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Billionaires Race to Invest in AI Energy Breakthrough

Billionaires Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are investing in AI energy.

This AI-created energy is being hailed as the most exciting human discovery since fire.

Here’s how to invest alongside them.

AI’s “Next Wave” of stocks

AI stocks have popped this year.

Nvidia just became the seventh trillion-dollar company in history.

The stock is up 233%. That’s just one high-profile example. is up 352%...Opera 374%... Duos Technology Group 278%...

And’s stock rose 846% in less than two months.

With gains like that, you might think the AI stock boom is over.

But Sean Brodrick thinks it’s just getting started.

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This secret grid is all we need to be 100% energy independent

Hidden beneath 28 states is an energy grid that produces 56% of our nation’s clear energy.

However, for political reasons, its full potential has NEVER been unlocked.

Why? Because Big Oil is Big Business.

That’s what makes Elon Musk’s recent tweets so controversial.

The world's richest man is openly advocating to unleash the full power of this energy grid in order to solve America’s energy crisis.

For that reason alone, he’s become “public enemy #1.”

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“Smart Chemo” like Heat-Seeking Missile Against Cancer

There's a little-known biotech almost nobody knows about...

Its stock trades at just $4 per share ...but the company recently won an FDA approval for its "Smart Chemo" drug for lymphoma.

Our last "Smart Chemo" pick won FDA approval and soared from $5.30 to $28.89, a gain of 463% in 18 months.

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URGENT: A massive and surprising dollar shift has begun

America's financial elite have some big changes planned for the US dollar.

Led by the Federal Reserve, US Treasury and 40+ banks, the authorities are rolling out a radical set of changes that could turn the financial system upside down.

It's critical you learn more, before this impacts your money and your retirement.

Here’s everything you need to know.

NEW: AI Breakthrough to Send Economy Skyrocketing by $200 Trillion?

The U.S. federal government is rushing to invest in a new AI breakthrough that experts estimate is set to explode the economy by $200 trillion.

For some perspective... that would be 30X bigger than the impact of the computer... 65X bigger than the impact of the internet... and 822X bigger than the impact of the assembly line!

And with the one move I detail here, you can secure a share of this 10,000% boom.

China’s Secret Plan to Crush the Dollar Near Completion

China is on the brink of bankrupting America. How is this possible?

Because China’s quietly forged alliances with many of America’s enemies. And this new bloc has a solid plan: To economically attack the U.S. and destroy the dollar’s value.

Once it’s triggered... America could go bankrupt almost overnight. And when America goes bankrupt, so do you... because almost everything you own is valued in U.S. dollars. So even gold could take a heavy hit.

Yet some assets do not depend on the dollar. You could position yourself to come through this crisis unharmed. Some will come through wealthier than ever before.

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