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Legendary Investor Paul Tudor Jones Predicts “Violent Death” for Putin

Few people know this, but Putin just made the single biggest mistake of his life.

It's not invading Ukraine... but it could have a profound effect on world markets.

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Watch SHOCKING Footage of AI Facility with Ties to Elon Musk

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America’s secret “Deal with the Devil” could expire on December 3

At year's end, every American could suffer from the greatest "wealth shock" in history.

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Central Bank: “Final stage” beginning now

Our financial system is about to be transformed in a way that would’ve been unthinkable just a few years ago, and almost nobody is prepared for the chaos that follows.

According to Bank of America, this overhaul is imminent, and Dr. Nomi Prins says the final stage begins in July, with the rollout of the FedNow system.

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Worse than CBDCs…

If you thought the Fed’s trial balloon about a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) was frightening, wait till you see this…

This newly released presentation from Weiss Ratings is all about the Fed’s new plan to centralize — and gain the power to control — your personal or business checking accounts and nearly ALL your financial transactions.

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